• Burrito in a Bowl - Veg

    All the goodness of a burrito minus the carbs- brown rice, fresh lettuce, cottage cheese, grilled corn and mashed kidney beans tossed in a chipotle sauce. Served with a fresh guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa.

      Cottage Cheese, Brown Rice, Iceburg Lettuce, Avocado, Tomato, Onion, Kidney Bean, Butter, Sour Cream

      Energy : 478.75 Kcal, Protein : 21.2 gm, Carbohydrates : 64.7 gm, Saturated Fat : 5.09 gm


    • Chicken Confit Leg with Creamy Spinach Dressing

      This dish is a favourite for our keto users. Slow roasted chicken leg marinated with herbs and oil. Topped with creamy homemade spinach dressing.

        Chicken Whole Leg, Salt, Rosemary , Thyme, Olive Oil, Butter, Cream, Spinach, Black Pepper, Garlic

        Energy : 924.32 Kcal, Protein : 33.65 gm, Carbohydrates : 5.23 gm, Saturated Fat : 18.16 gm


      • Pan Seared Salmon Steak

        A hearty Atlantic salmon steak grilled to your liking. Glazed generously with a lime & butter dressing and served with a side of mashed potatoes.

        • Gluten Free

        FISH,SALMON,RED,CND,BONES REMOVED (ALASKA NATIVE), Broccoli, Butter, Carrots, Zucchini, Salt

        Energy : 294.65 Kcal, Protein : 43.05 gm, Carbohydrates : 5.1 gm, Saturated Fat : 3.16 gm


      • Chicken in Bacon Mushroom Sauce

        Wether you're on a Keto diet or not, this one's a winner. Succulent pieces of chicken coated in a creamy bacon and mushroom sauce. Served with our signature grilled vegetables.

          Chicken Breast, Olive Oil, Broccoli, Carrots, Zucchini, Crispy Bacon, Cream, Bellpeppers, Mushrooms

          Energy : 571.8 Kcal, Protein : 69.1 gm, Carbohydrates : 9.9 gm, Saturated Fat : 7.77 gm


        • Grilled Chicken in a Tangy Butter Sauce

          Generously glazed grilled chicken with a rich, lemony butter sauce. Served with our signature grilled vegetables.

          • Gluten Free

          Chicken Breast, Zucchini, Salt, Broccoli, Butter, Olive Oil, Black Pepper, Lemon

          Energy : 622.39 Kcal, Protein : 65.46 gm, Carbohydrates : 4.04 gm, Saturated Fat : 15.87 gm


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