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  • Natural Detox with Super Foods
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of your daily protein requirement.

Seventy three per cent of adults in urban metros are protein deficient. The daily protein fix plan helps cover 70% of your daily protein requirement. Healthy balance between protein and carbs gives you extra energy to build muscle and recover from fatigue.

  • Constant food cravings between meals
  • Flabby or weak muscles
  • Poor recovery from injuries
  • Hair, skin and nail issues

Less than
calories from Saturated Fats.

Fibre is essential in keeping your digestive tract and organs healthy. The natural detox plan helps in removing body toxins and aids in reducing weight. The plan includes a nice balance of salads, meal bowls, smoothies, grains, and other fiber rich super foods that improves your gut health and reduces cholesterol.

  • Blood sugar levels
  • Unhealthy gut
  • Irregular weight issues
  • Chronic constipation

More than
Nutrition than regular salads.

Salads are a quick fix if you are counting your calories. Our hydroponic salad leaves are grown in water without any chemical support. Enjoy fresh and crunchy leaves that have more than twice the nutrition.

  • Control weight
  • Improve skin
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Improves digestion and bowel movements

Select Your Days (Sample Menu) You can change the menu post purchase

  • Cajun
    Spice Grilled Chicken With Mashed Potato

  • All
    Day Breakfast Frittata with Chicken

  • Pesto
    Grilled Chicken and Vegetables

  • Grilled
    Sole Fish in a Tangy Caper Sauce

  • French
    Ratatouille Stuffed Grilled Chicken

  • Grilled
    Chicken Stuffed With Spinach & Feta

  • Grilled
    Chicken in Porcini Mushroom and White Wine Sauce

  • * 5 days minimum.
  • Pause/resume your subscription at a click.
  • Carry forward any missed meals.
  • No hidden charges.

Other Detail

Cost Per Meal
`3597.75 Total Amount