What makes a perfect experience for customers? Is it just the ordering experience, or just the food, or some bit of packaging too? It is a combination of lot of these things plus more. More in terms of intangibles that you as a customer will never see or hear about.

The process looks like this to most outsiders –  Cook Food > Ship Food > Make Money. Only if it was that easy!

Since we started our Journey at Fig, there have been so many beautiful puzzles to solve daily. Puzzles that shed ample light on areas that we never even thought of when we started out.

Let me give you an example. The internal temperature of a perfectly cooked chicken breast is 75 Degree C. Obviously, it takes a while before the meal reaches the customer. A lot can happen in that time which will eventually ruin the customer experience.

We had to answer a lot of questions to ensure we deliver tender and succulent chicken breast to our clients.

Some questions we asked ourselves everyday were,

(a) Should the meals be delivered in an insulated bag or non-insulated paper bag?

(b) What are the incremental benefits of delivering in an air-conditioned vehicle?

(c) How long should we wait before boxing the meal?

(d) What is the right amount of steam allowed to avoid overcooking or undercooking?

(e) What are the ingredients that don’t lose flavour during transit or upon storage?

(f) What is the right time and interval for microwaving? Mind you, it differs from dish to dish.

One realization that we had early in the process was the importance of knowing the process inside out. This business does not run on algorithms and codes. It is about getting a chain of activities right. We were able to figure out where the process broke and fix it immediately.

Pretty sure it will happen again, and tomorrow it will be a red snapper instead of chicken breast. But we will learn again and move forward. We move forward every day and will continue to keep customer delight at the centre of our business. There is a reason we exist, and that is to make clean, nutritious and healthy food available to everybody.