Where are we heading? It is a very difficult question to answer. At least for someone like me who has failed to keep pace with changes in the past decade. The idea of food for me used to be something that gives one happiness and joy.

It has turned out to be a complete nightmare.

The fast food corporations that have faced activist pressure in the west made India an easy target. You would be surprised if you start counting how much processed food we started consuming in comparison to fresh food. We were the country that used to feed its people like Kings. However, we have been eating peasant food with great delight. Why? It’s easy and fast. Or, perhaps it fits in your budget? Or, are there not good eating options out there? These questions plague me every day.

As things stand, 80% of Indian men are protein deficient. 78% of working women in metros are overweight. This is not what we planned for ourselves. Somethings got to change, and that too fast.

Fig is on a mission to make eating healthy a sustainable habit. Our belief stems from “you are what you eat” and the “eat clean” philosophy. Most of us find it hard to think beyond short-term lifestyle hacks. Why? Because it requires discipline, day after day. We want to enforce a food discipline that sticks with you not just for a month – or a year, but for an entire lifetime.

Fig is built on few simple values:

  1. Fresh and Seasonal Ingredients – We use locally sourced fresh vegetables and minimize the use of bottled or canned ingredients. There is no place for hydrogenated oils and mayonnaise in our kitchen.
  2. Healthy Cooking – Our chefs are trained by experts on know how to cook healthy, and substitute or minimise the use of abusive ingredients to a permissible level.
  3. Convenience – Few taps and your food will show up at your doorstep. We use technology to give you an unparalleled food experience.
  4. Care – Lastly, the most important value, it’s more like the foundation stone of Fig. We care about you, your goals, your diet, your wellbeing and the lifestyle you choose. Everyone from the people who cook, to the people who deliver your food imbibe this attribute.

Fig is at the cusp of creating a food revolution, a revolution that is built on personal experience, built around not being preachy, built around actually caring what you put into yourself for sustenance. Join our revolution to create impact for yourself and for those around you. Do more, with your day and with your life.

Stay healthy.