We love creating stories, exploring new paths, and bringing change. Fig started with a mission to make healthy food sustainable for everyone. When we say everyone, we mean everyone! We get a lot of objections when we say why you should you not be cooking all the time. One blind spot for most people is the intrinsic value of their time. We all have 24 hours and that’s not changing. With so much of activity getting added to your daily life, how do yo add back time? We say leave the cooking to us.

Saamir just subscribed to Fig Fitbox 30-day meal plan. We sat down with him on why he made this decision and what is he looking forward to, in the next 30 days.

Why a subscription meal plan?

I am an ex-management consultant who moved back to India last year to start a new venture. I run FITology, where we create alternate reality games to nudge people towards a healthier lifestyle. And hence, I am a strong proponent of staying fit and active. I exercise and meditate daily. But because of the unstructured work-environment of a start-up, in the last few month, I have just not been able to eat proper food at proper time.

It gets tricky to make healthy choices of food while eating outside – the meat portions are usually smaller in dishes, there is very less trust in quality of ingredients used to prepare food, and there is practically no time to cook on my own. And because of irregular eating – I just don’t feel that much active in gym or throughout the day.
And I know food can make all the difference.

What do you expect from the subscription?

Quantitatively, at 178 cms, I weigh 57 kilos with 11% body fat. I don’t mind gaining a few pounds if I can keep my body fat below 11%.

More than the quantitative, I am more interested in qualitative improvement a.k.a feeling active and strong throughout the day. I want to be more productive and energized because a lot of work needs to get done. Also, I believe eating clean helps with staying positive and controlling stress – more specifically avoiding getting ‘HANGRY’

Why FIG?

Because FIG speaks the same language I do. I am Crossfit L1 Trainer, ACE Certified Group Instructor, trained Bollywood dance; I run a health venture and hence I have done a lot of extensive studies around proper nutrition. The fundamentals FIG uses to advise people on their lifestyle journey with food is what I endorse and advise companies I work with. FIG is a no brainer.

Is it going to take a lot of effort to stick to healthy food for next 30 days?

People have this mis-conception that healthy food is not tasty. It is just a matter of getting out of the comfortable mode and trying out the new dishes. When your body experiences increased level of energy, activity, you feel light and more agile than ever, you intrinsically start liking the new you and the new food. Once you have felt the benefits from the clean and healthy eating, your body would automatically not let you make wrong decisions.

I already love eating healthy. Don’t get me wrong – I do binge on Moong Dal Halwa or Chole Bhature too, but maybe once a month.

Was it an expensive decision?

I am running a boot-strapped start-up, everything is expensive. This decision in particular, I believe it is not very expensive. I would have anyway spent about 70-80% of the money in the ingredients of food I would want to eat but it would have come with a lot of hassle. Hassle of cooking or getting cooked, time consumption in buying the raw materials, planning for meal charts etc. I am not even taking into consideration the non-tangible / medical expenses that might come up because of not eating right. I think this will turn out to be an investment and hopefully, a way of living.

Please welcome Saamir and follow our community page to know more about his journey with Fig.

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