Honest Produce

The quality of our produce is as important to us as how good our food tastes. We source the freshest vegetables, fruits and ingredients and stick to a seasonal pattern because of which our menu constantly evolves.

All our salads are made with hydroponic leaves and all the other ingredients are 100% preservative & chemical free.

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Quality Meant
for Delivery

It is important to us that our customers eat well. In order to maintain the high quality of our food, the recipes are designed for delivery. We aim at a distinct delivery of food by ensuring that it is freshly prepared, packed in food grade boxes and the recipes are kept simple. Fresh & delicious- no frills!

An Umbrella

We constantly evolve our menu based on the tastiest of recipes from different cuisines that can be adapted to their healthier versions. From authentic Korean recipes to Mediterranean ones, there is a little something for everyone on FIG's menu.

We also take pride in serving food that isn't mainstream & our aim is to keep our menu as diverse and delicious as possible while keeping health concerns and various diet plans in mind.

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Nutrition Expert

Our menu is screened by nutrition experts to ensure your wellbeing and good health. We strive to maintain a balance between taste and nutrition and want to dispel the myth that 'healthy food isn't delicious'. We believe that 'good food' is meant to be clean, pure, hearty and comforting. Other than being champions of guilt free comfort food, we aim at being propagators of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


Being responsible for the planet is an absolute necessity to us. In order to do our bit, we use bio degradable materials for our packaging and ensure regular recycling of our products.

Start healthy & delicious eating today!

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